We are an independent film team. Our goal is to create a fantasy cinema. We are drawn to adventure, mystery and discovering unknown worlds. We turn our passions, many years of experience and skills into films that move emotions and imagination. We are working on our own unique visual language. We want to continue the tradition of small film workshops by Starewicz or Mellies, using the resources available today. We call ourselves the Cosmic Handicraft Workshop because we try to do everything „with our own hands”, not to use ready-made solutions, to have our own cosmic style and flow.

Aleksandra Lipka

is a 2D and 3D graphic designer as well as a designer of scenography and other forms of applied art. She efficiently navigates between the second and third dimensions, looking for the fourth. In the project „NASZA Our Mission to Mars”, she is the author and producer of costumes, she also designed the 3D scenography and prepared 3D models of architectural objects, interiors, ships and other elements, as well as their animation.

She was responsible for visual consistency and stylistic design of the entire project.

In addition, she also filmed, made special effects and co-created screenplay.

Patryk Zakrocki

is a composer fascinated with cinema and has long been involved in creating music for feature films, documentaries and animated films, dramatic, puppet and dance theater. From 2020, he started making short film forms on his own.
He is the originator of the project, he writes screenplays, directs and takes pictures, creates sound and music.

Michał Lipka

is the son of the science fiction writer Jerzy Lipka.
He is graphic designer and animator known from the mini-series „Sparkolacje” broadcast in 2000 in the Polish National TVP1 programme „MdM” by Man and Matern. He is an author of music videos, incl. for the band Kury and Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet. He is also known from the polish club scene as DJ Cpt. Sparky, a member of the Soul Service collective. He films, makes special effects, 2D and 3D animations, edits and directs. He is also a club VJ.