NASZA Our Red Planet

„NASZA Our Red Planet” is a six-episode adventure series for children aged 7 and over. It presents the history of the Polish space mission, led by children-scientists from the NASZA (Scientific Agency for Super Zealed Astronautics). With the help of intelligent plants also working at this institute, they created the „Earth Nut 01” spacecraft.
The target of the expedition is the planet Mars – establishing contact with the creatures living there and establishing a non-invasive Polish colony. For this purpose, two adult astronauts were selected They were chosen because of their method of communication with other civilizations. They created a device: a sinusophone, which allows to draw sounds of the supposed martian language of sound-shapes. They will be accompanied by the ship’s constructor, Professor Brokumił – intelligent Broccoli with a language limited to monosyllables.

Information about the mission is reported in TVD news (children’s television). The news story is watched by the antagonist of our heroes – Dev.Loper. He undertakes a competitive journey. Hes goal is to build a network of concrete hotels and parking lots on Mars. This character belongs to the world of children, he has a mother who has a huge influence on him, but in fact he is an adult.

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 1

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 2

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 3

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 4

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 5

NASZA Our Red Planet Ep. 6